What to Expect



Please be prepared to provide the following patient information to the Five Star Medtrans Specialist:


  • Pick-Up Facility
  • Receiving Facility
  • Reason for transfer
  • Passenger Information
  • Requested Date of Transport
  • Name & Contact Information
  • Proof of service if requesting Veteran Discount
  • Medical Condition: Feeding Tubes, Special Diets, etc.
  • Does Patient Require Special Equipment, i.e. Oxygen*?
  • Physical Condition: Weight, Height and Ability to Move or Sit

*Please notify the staff when booking if you require oxygen during the transport.

Quality and 


Customers are transported in one of our large, medical transport vehicles. These vehicles have standing headroom and access to all sides of the patient, so we can provide the maximum comfort and care for the patient. Our state-of-the-art vehicles are designed for multiple patient transports over long distances.


Our large medical transport vehicles offer 3 comfortable bed accommodations for patients or family. The patient will rest on a comfortable bed that offers a hospital-bed style mattress with 8 inches of memory foam comfort.


On-board entertainment includes a TV/DVD player for watching movies.


The vehicles are designed for safety and meet or exceed the ADA and DOT standards for commercial medical transport vehicles with an extra emphasis placed on the patient’s comfort.

Five Star Medtrans

Transport Team

Our team is made up of medical professionals with extensive medical backgrounds; medically-trained personnel are utilized for their expertise in handling customers with a wide variety of conditions, ranging from stroke to dementia patients.


Although medically trained, our medical staff is not licensed to perform emergency care in our long distance medical transport vehicles. We are not an ambulance service, therefore we re-route to the nearest E.R. for immediate issues.

Medical Transport Services

Our Services


Five Star Medtrans offers affordable state to state long-distance, non-emergency medical transportation services.

Medical Transport


We offer the very best medical transportation service for non-emergency medical transport. We have an excellent team of drivers, medical staff and transportation specialists. They provide the most distinguished, yet cost effective, bedside-to-bedside transportation service available. We take care of everything.


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Ground Ambulance

Ground Transport

Our medical transportation fleet is second to none. We operate state-of-the-art Mercedes Benz Sprinter transporters. These vehicles have been specially configured to function as a hospital room on wheels. Our large, nationwide fleet is expertly maintained to provide the ultimate in luxury and comfort.


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Nationwide Transport

State to State

Five Star Medtrans specializes in long-distance medical transport services and State to State medical transport services. We utilize DOT-approved vehicles that are the largest in the industry. They are all equipped with three beds to accommodate family when loved ones are traveling together long distances.


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