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Five Star Medtrans offers affordable state to state long-distance, non-emergency medical transportation services.

Medical Transport


We offer the very best medical transportation service for non-emergency medical transport. We have an excellent team of drivers, medical staff and transportation specialists. They provide the most distinguished, yet cost effective, bedside-to-bedside transportation service available. We take care of everything.


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Ground Ambulance

Ground Transport

Our medical transportation fleet is second to none. We operate state-of-the-art Mercedes Benz Sprinter transporters. These vehicles have been specially configured to function as a hospital room on wheels. Our large, nationwide fleet is expertly maintained to provide the ultimate in luxury and comfort.


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Nationwide Transport

State to State

Five Star Medtrans specializes in long-distance medical transport services and State to State medical transport services. We utilize DOT-approved vehicles that are the largest in the industry. They are all equipped with three beds to accommodate family when loved ones are traveling together long distances.


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